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Career Center Launches Careers in Time of Crisis as Part of Virtual Summer Program

In response to COVID-19, the Cawley Career Education Center is offering students a virtual series of new and expanded credit and non-credit experiences to advance career exploration and professional development for undergraduate students during the summer semester. One program, “Careers in a Time of Crisis,” will offer weekly panels with alumni to discuss career options during the pandemic.

More About Careers in a Time of Crisis

In partnership with the Red House and the Baker Trust for Transformational Learning, the Cawley Career Education Center will hold virtual panels every Tuesday, beginning on June 1st, for the duration of the summer session. The purpose of these discussions is to examine our current moment in the context of the recession and the gig economy and to provide useful insights to undergraduates about ways to navigate this job market across a variety of different occupations.

Susan Campbell, director of the Cawley Career Education Center, says that the Careers in a Time of Crisis experience will give students the chance to hear directly from the alumni community about the challenges and opportunities in our current season. 

 “Georgetown is responding to the current moment with a comprehensive, flexible and creative approach to career development and vocational discernment for students,” she says. “Alumni are key partners in this process, and Cawley is excited to provide students with substantial projects this summer and to encourage strong connections to the alumni community.”

The alumni panels will address issues such as “What’s it Like to Launch into a Crisis? Hoya Voices from 2008-2010,” and “Social Change, Careers and Global Opportunities in a Time of Crisis.”  

Other Programs

The Cawley Career Education Center is working with alumni, faculty and career coaches to ensure that undergraduates still have access to career development resources during the pandemic. In addition to the Careers in a Time of Crisis experience, the center is also offering the following opportunities to Georgetown undergraduates:

REFLECT: Career Courses (1 credit):  One-credit courses provide students with the essential tools of reflection, strategy and resources designed to guide them toward paths of meaningful work and life beyond the Hilltop. Financial aid is available for this experience, and there is no associated any cost if enrolled in the summer session.

UP-SKILL: Career Co-Labs (skill modules – e.g., project management): Compact modules that offer job-ready skills through faculty coaching on material from existing courses, LinkedIn Learning modules and corporate sources. There is no associated no cost if enrolled in the summer session.

EXPLORE: Career Pathways (5-week seminar series): Weekly seminars to explore and reflect on five career fields through conversations and presentations with alumni, faculty, and career coaches. There is no cost for this experience. 

EXPERIENCE: Career Immersions (short-term projects/”micro-internships”): A signature program, GU Virtual Immersions & Experiential Work (VIEW), that pairs students with alumni for immersive, part-time, short-term (1-to-8 week) projects. There is no cost for this experience. 

Susan Campbell emphasizes that these discussions will not only provide students with a deeper perspective and tangible, professional skills, but will establish lifelong connections from which students can continue to benefit for years to come. 

“Hoyas have always been receptive to helping Hoyas,” says Campbell. “These programs just provide an additional and timely platform for them to do so.”

-by Shelby Roller (G’19)