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November 17, 2015—Georgetown’s location gives students amazing access to internships and career opportunities. For students navigating the beginnings of their career, we’ve collected stories from students and alumni, who offer advice on how to find an internship, what to do when you get there, and how to sketch a career path.

Daria Labazova (C’17) shares her experience as an intern at Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization that produces Sesame Street.

“One meeting I shadowed everyone who was working in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and India. There are co-productions in those countries, which means that Sesame has a team in New York that works with the people on the ground in each country to produce a local show there. They’re working to make it culturally suitable for that country—it was fascinating to see how it comes together.”

Simone Fogg (C’16) talks about how internships at Haulwire and Memunatu showed her how she could use her graphic design skills to help start-ups.

“Be introspective. A lot of people know what they don’t like, and that’s good, but you also need to know what you do like. What keeps you up at night? That takes introspection, and a lot of it. You may find things you don’t like about yourself, and that’s fine! But you also need to see the things you do like about yourself and accept those things. You owe it to yourself to figure out who you are and how you operate.”

Maggie Hansen (C’16) spent last summer interning with Informulary, a New Hampshire healthcare start-up founded by two doctors from Dartmouth’s medical center.

“I learned about the internship through iNet, an internship network that is linked to the Career Center’s site. It’s a network of Georgetown, Duke, Dartmouth, and other schools and they post internship opportunities around the areas surrounding the schools.”

Alumna Emma Green (C’12) shares tips on how she has built a career as a writer at the

“Look for the interstitial spaces of jobs that you might not even know exist [by talking to people]. Conduct informational interviews; the alumni network is great, and Georgetown alums are just wonderful.”

George Peacock (C’84), the Georgetown University Alumni Association president, explains Hoya Gateway, a new program that connects Georgetown students and alumni.

“[Through Hoya Gateway] students can find alumni in their fields of interest, and they can choose between a mock interview, a resume review, or a general update.”

Founder of Career Valet, Marcelle Yeager (C’02) offers advice to students at the start of their careers.

“A lot of people dread updating their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, but it is so important. Always have your resume up to date; you never know when someone will ask for it, and you don’t want to rush through at the last minute.”

More Resources

  • Hoya Gateway is a new program that connects students with alumni for one-on-one career advice, information and mock interviews, resume reviews, and job shadowing.
  • @HireHoyas_Erin: Follow career counselor Erin Ferree on Twitter for information on job opportunities and workshops at the Cawley Career Education Center. 
  • Cawley Career Education Center (CCEC): Learn about events, workshops, career counseling, and information sessions with private and public sector employers. Check out the Jobs and Internships page at the CCEC website.