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Public Health Minor Opens to Georgetown College Students

October 12, 2018 — The minor in public health, facilitated through the School of Nursing and Health Studies, is now open to Georgetown College undergraduate students.

The minor is an interdisciplinary program that combines public health theory with the studies of international health, human science and health systems. The minor culminates with the Population Health Capstone seminar, in which students are given the opportunity to utilize their diverse experiences and knowledge by working with a D.C.-based public health organization on a community service project.

Since its conception, the minor has focused on helping students build a multifaceted skill set that prepares them for the diverse set of systems and institutions in the field of public health.

“The interdisciplinary nature of the minor is likely to appeal to students of various majors and interests, including science, policy, communication, social justice, disability studies, mental health, and environmental studies, to name a few, “ said Sue Lorenson, Vice Dean of Undergraduate Education. “ For some students, the minor may be the stepping stone to an internship, to a career, or to further study in the field.  

The program will include unique attention to and integration with the Jesuit value of cura personalis — care of the whole person — something administrators believe will set Georgetown’s public health students apart from their peers.

“Over the years, many students from the College have expressed interest in pursuing the minor,” said  Sarah Shohet, Associate Dean of the NHS. “Public health is a field that feeds one’s soul — studying it is at the crux of what it means to be a person for others. We are delighted that we offer a field of study that embodies one of Georgetown’s most sacred values.”

Along with the Population Health Capstone seminar, the two other courses required for the major are Population Health Concepts and Contemporary Issues (HEST-195) and Epidemiological Approaches to Population Health (INTH-177), which can also be substituted with Epidemiological Principles, Patterns, and Practices for Healthcare Management and Policy (HEST-184). Minors must also supplement these classes with electives, selected from an approved list that focuses on key public health concepts such as health policy, health promotion, environmental health and global health, that total nine credit hours.

Georgetown College sophomore students who are interested can download the minor declaration form here and should make an appointment with their dean. Juniors who are interested should schedule a meeting with their deans immediately to discuss whether adding the minor is possible.

— Darcy Palder

Public Health