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The Dean’s Office and Cawley Partner Up to Hire New Career Counselor for Students in the College

The College Dean’s Office, along with the Cawley Career Education Center, is excited to announce that Madison “Maddie” Gregory has been appointed as Assistant Director of Professional Development to provide post-graduation assistance solely to students of the College.

In this newly created position, Gregory will help students explore the ties between their studies and the marketplace, connect them with alumni and experiences to enhance those ties, and ultimately head out from the Hilltop prepared to pursue fulfilling careers and meaningful lives. 

Chris Celenza, dean of Georgetown College, and Susan Campbell, director of the Cawley Career Center saw the need for a career counselor solely dedicated to helping students in the College. Celenza says that Gregory will be a “great addition to Georgetown, and the help she can provide our students will be invaluable.”

“The 26 academic departments and 12 interdisciplinary programs in the College of Arts and Sciences offers students a wealth of options in their education and beyond,” says Celenza. “Maddie will be able to help students take all they have learned and apply it to life after graduation. And I am especially excited that we have partnered with our friends in the Cawley Center, whose mission is so crucial for our students.”

Due to the variety of options and possible career paths that become available to those with a degree from the College, students often benefit from career guidance throughout their time at the university.

“Integrating career development with academics ultimately helps students pursue fulfilling careers and lead meaningful lives,” says Campbell. “We are excited to collaborate with the College students, deans, faculty, and alumni to help students explore the connections between their studies and their post-graduation pursuits. I am thrilled to welcome Maddie to our team and look forward to sharing our progress in the coming months.”

Gregory will spend the first few months on a “listening tour” where she will meet with various campus partners and groups at Georgetown in order to create the best opportunities for our students. She has a master’s degree in counseling and recently worked in academic advising at George Washington University.

She is eager to put her experience mentoring young adults to use and “to dive into the student experience and help students in the College to identify, pursue and achieve their goals.”

Gregory is also looking forward to partnering with various groups across campus to enhance the resources that Cawley offers.

“This is an amazing opportunity to help students recognize and articulate the experiences and skills developed in the classroom,” says Gregory.  “I am excited to begin working with students to translate these experiences into research, graduate school, service, the world of work, or overall life after Georgetown.”

-by Shelby Roller (G’19)

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