Social Responsibility Network

The Social Responsibility Network (SRN) is a mentorship program for Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences students interested in pursuing service-based and social impact careers. Students will have opportunities to learn from College alumni who have found success in service-related industries, from health accessibility to educational administration.

Our Board of Advisors

Launched in Spring 2019 under the direction of Dean Thomas Chiarolanzio, the SRN helps students explore options in non-profit sectors. The SRN Board of Advisors mentors and advises students as to ways to use a liberal arts education to do well by doing good.

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SRN In Action

The College of Arts & Sciences is proud to support the Social Responsibility Network, a program designed to help students pursue careers in nonprofit and public service fields. The Social Responsibility Network provides lessons, programming, networking, and mentorship for students who seek out careers centered around doing social good. It connects students with an advisory board composed of alumni currently working in a wide range of service-based careers.

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Miranda Xiong

What social justice issue(s) are you passionate about and why? Criminal justice in an overarching way—I am interested in criminal justice at every single stage, from over reliance on policing, justice in courtrooms and investigative processes, including algorithmic justice and the effects of AI usage in the legal process, and carceral justice.

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Stay in the Know

The Social Responsibility Network News newsletter provides information on upcoming events, opportunities, and general updates, as well as a student spotlight feature.

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SRN Panel event: Students on Zoom

Student Social Impact Initiatives Panel

In Spring 2021, the Social Responsibility Network hosted an end-of-year panel discussion to showcase student-run social impact initiatives.

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