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Algorithms Developed by Mathematics Professor Maryam Yashtini Improve Quality, Speed of MRI Images

Maryam Yashtini, Ph.D. and assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, is on a mission to improve efficiency. Through the development of practical…

March 9, 2022

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Goldwater Recipient Focuses on Protein Research to Improve Disease Treatment

Lydia Good (C’21), a biochemistry major and mathematics minor, has been awarded the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, which she will use to continue her research in protein…

June 24, 2020

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Marshall Scholar’s Research Aims to Improve Global Modeling of Methane Emissions

Sally Matson (C’20), received the 2020 Marshall Scholars Award to continue her research and education on climate change after graduation, an interest that started at. …

January 16, 2020

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Dream Machine: Marshall Scholar Hopes to Use AI to Combat Climate Change

Sally Matson (C’20), a Georgetown senior who wants to use machine learning to combat climate change, is one of two Georgetown students named a 2020 Marshall Scholarship…

December 9, 2019

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Georgetown Team Wins Hackathon With Fact-Checking Proposal

A proposal from Chris Ferris (C’20) and Sean Letendre (C’20) won first prize in its category at a hackathon hosted by the Belfer Center for Science and…

April 30, 2018

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Mathematics of Planet Earth: Math Profs create symposium at AAAS conference

“People tend to think that nothing new in mathematics has happened since 1900, and that’s not the case,” Kaper said. “Mathematics is alive and well…

February 13, 2018

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Meet The Newest Faculty Members

The Fall 2016 semester has brought a number of passionate and qualified new instructors to Georgetown.…

September 27, 2016