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Watch: Learning in the Lab

December 15, 2015—The science departments at Georgetown College are home to numerous research labs where mentoring plays a key role in the success and growth of student researchers. In the chemistry department’s TongLab—a multidisciplinary environment “where learning by doing is a daily practice,” and “helping each other is an instinct”—graduate and undergraduate students are often paired together under the supervision of lab director and department chair YuYe Tong

These partnerships offer valuable experience for undergraduate students to gain hands-on skills and one-on-one instruction inside the lab, and equally valuable experience for graduate students to become mentors and hone their teaching skills. 

TongLab members Yanyan Wang (Ph.D. candidate) and Laura Woolls (C’16) collaborate on research related to platinum-cobalt nanoparticles. We sat down with them to learn about their research and hear how working together has changed them both.

Video by Kuna Malik Hamad.