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Our Class of 2025: Student Perspectives from the Newest Cohort of Hoyas

We are thrilled to welcome the newest members of the Georgetown community to campus this fall. 

The class of 2025 is impressive, with 866 students joining us for in-person learning this year. Our first years and transfer students come from 31 countries around the globe and 48 of the US states and territories are represented. 

Over a third of our incoming students have declared a major in subjects like computer science, linguistics or political economy. 

545 students identify as female, 319 identify as male and 2 chose to not specify. Seventy-five incoming students are athletes and participate in one of 22 sports. 

To learn more about this incoming class, we asked some of our students to tell us about themselves and share what they are most looking forward to on the hilltop.

Logan smiling in a selfie wearing a white Georgetown sweatshirt

Logan Fong (C’25) 

From: Clovis, California

Major: Linguistics

Three fun facts: I once ate rattlesnake, I have a California boater’s license, and I plan to work with documenting endangered languages in the future.

What are you most excited for at Georgetown?: I’m in a first-year program called the Hager Scholars Program, which is a cohort of around 16 students in the FLL who take nearly all of their first-year classes together and fulfill core requirements using classes that have a linguistic angle. I was one of the only people I knew of from my high school who planned to study language, so coming into a community of peers with similar interests was one of the things that excited me most when I thought about starting at the College! I’m also looking forward to applying for the French floor my sophomore year, getting a library card at the Library of Congress, and studying abroad at the Villa Le Balze.

What made you choose Georgetown College? The reasons I love Georgetown College now weren’t necessarily the reasons I chose it to begin with, but were things I fell in love with once I got integrated into the community. For one, each one of my professors has been phenomenal and caused me to see their subject in a new light— subjects I thought I had an understanding of before coming in. I also appreciate how they actively create space on campus for dialogue between students of different worldviews to foster mutual understanding between groups that may otherwise not interact. I’ve genuinely learned so much in the short time I’ve been here, both in terms of my academics as well as the people around me, and can’t wait for the rest of my college experience.

Dayree smiling as she stands with her hands on her hips in front of Healy Hall. She is wearing a flowing floral pattern dress

Dayree Ramirez (C’25) 

From: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Major: I am currently undeclared but I would like to pursue Government, Women and Gender Studies and Spanish

Three fun facts: I am an enthusiast for a good cup of coffee, I am a plant mom of many and I love lavender (the color, the scent, the plant all of it)! 

What are you most excited for at Georgetown?: I am most excited to be in a community of driven individuals all working together towards our separate respective goals, I’m also excited that I get to see Jack the Bulldog around campus, as well as looking forward to diving into the Washington D.C world! 

Why did you choose Georgetown College?: I chose Georgetown College because as I compared it to other schools I found that Georgetown had the highest graduation rate as well as found that students in the College seemed to enjoy their time in school much more than at the other institutions I was looking at. The student life here at Georgetown offered so much more in terms of activities and available resources than any other school and the fact that Georgetown can offer an elevated education in addition to an enriched social life really drew me in. 

Jaden smiling and giving two thumbs up to the camera. He is wearing a navy blue Georgetown hoodie with a bulldog on it

Jaden Cobb (C’25) 

From: Douglasville, GA

Major: Government 

Three fun facts:  I love superheroes, I play chess, and I’m teaching myself my 4th language. 

What are you most excited for at Georgetown?: I am excited to get to know my professors, meet new friends, and explore Georgetown and DC. 

What made you choose Georgetown College? I chose Georgetown College because of the community that it creates. There are so many things that I can learn and the core curriculum allows me to explore all my interests. I also love being in DC, especially as a history buff. 

Erin smiles at the camera as she sports a white sweatshirt with a faded Georgetown bulldog on it.

Erin Davies (C’25) 

From: Sudbury, MA

Major: I am currently planning on majoring in Computer Science, but I would ideally like to double major. 

Three fun facts: I love to listen to a variety of music (I’m one of those people with only one super long playlist – several days long in fact) and I play the french horn. I can’t stand the taste of citrus, especially lemon, even in small amounts, but I still love to cook and bake. History has never been my favorite subject academically, but I absolutely love going on tours of old castles/houses and listening to the stories of people’s lives.   

What made you choose Georgetown College?I feel that computer science is most powerful when combined with another discipline.  That’s part of why I chose Georgetown College. The liberal arts core will help me figure out what I want to combine computer science with and thus how I can best use computer science to help/serve others. Of course, Georgetown’s location in D.C. is pretty cool too!  

Rams-Lyne stands in front of a sage green door with her hands on the frame. She is looking off camera to the left. She is wearing white heels, a white tennis skirt and a navy Georgetown sweatshirt.

Rams-Lyne Thomas (C’25) 

From: Philadelphia, PA

Major: Double majoring in Government and Economics, considering Bachelor of Science in Business and Global Affairs.

Three fun facts:  I have an unhealthy obsession with the moon, it is my favorite celestial object. I love music so much — my favorite genres are R&B, hip-hop and rap. I love trying new foods, but Haitian and Caribbean food will always hold my heart for the best cuisine. 

What are you most excited for at Georgetown?: I am most excited to take classes that were not offered in high school. There’s almost a class for anything and everything and I like that I can choose from so much instead of being confined. I also cannot wait to attend sports games and be involved on campus. 

Why did you choose Georgetown College?: I chose Georgetown because of its location in the nation’s capital. Georgetown is surrounded by politics and a plethora of opportunities to network with people who are just as excited as me to help and get involved. And I’m not too far from home. Proud to call the East coast my home. 

Ava smiles in her selfie as she pulls up one side of her grey hoodie so that you can see the Georgetown logo on it.

Ava Uditsky

From: Chicago, IL

Major: Government and History

Three fun facts: I want to compete in a marathon before I graduate college. I’ve been vegetarian for six years now, and am the only vegetarian in my family. My favorite author is Chimamanada Ngozi Adichie, and my favorite book of hers is Americanah.

What are you most excited for at Georgetown?: Now that I’m officially a Hoya, I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the innumerable panels and speakers that visit campus, especially through GUPolitics, the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs and Georgetown College’s own Speaker Series. I’m equally as thrilled to have the chance to participate in traditions such as the Christmas tree lighting, and join the daily rhythm of campus by running with the Georgetown Running Club and participating in religious services with the campus ministry!

Why did you choose Georgetown College?: Coming from the Chicago suburbs, I knew that Washington, D.C. was the nexus of my passions in government and international affairs. When I chose Georgetown, I made a choice that not only reflected my interests, but was also a wish for the future: I hoped to find friends who share my passions and an academic community overflowing with opportunity. Even after such a short time on campus, I can already tell I made the right choice. Every professor, upperclassman and fellow first-year I’ve met have welcomed me to Georgetown with incredible kindness and enthusiasm. From academics to friends, I’ve already begun to build a true home on the Hilltop. Hoya Saxa!

Laura smiles into the camera as she takes of selfie of her wearing a navy athletic shirt with a white nike logo on it.

Laura Liptrap (C’25)

From: Newport Beach, California

Major: Government 

Three fun facts: I always burn my popcorn, I’ve lived on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and I’m dedicated to helping girls grow strong.

What are you most excited for at Georgetown?: I am most excited to engulf myself in the privilege of education.  

What made you choose Georgetown College? I am honored to be a student at Georgetown University. I chose Georgetown because I know they believe in me as much as I believe in myself.  

-by Shelby Roller (G’19)

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