Update/Review My Credits

Your MyDegree audit is the best tool for keeping track of your credits.

In MyAccess, select the Student tab, then select MyDegree, where you will find an audit of your degree requirements. MyDegree shows overall credit and course requirements for graduation, core requirements, and (if your major is declared) major requirements.

How do I receive credit for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or 13th-year programs?

The College awards credit for certain subjects and scores on AP, IB, and 13th-year exams. For details, see the university’s advanced credit policy in the undergraduate bulletin. We will automatically post AP credits if we receive a student’s score sheet from the College Board. If you do not see your AP credits posted in MyDegree by early October of your first year at Georgetown, bring an official College Board score sheet to your dean’s office. Photocopies and faxes of the official score sheet are also acceptable. For IB and 13th-year credit, students should bring official diplomas to their dean.

How do I transfer college credit that I took at another school?

Once you begin your studies at Georgetown, you can only take college courses at another university during summer school (which includes non-Georgetown summer study abroad programs) or a study abroad program during the school year approved through the Office of Global Education.

If you took college courses before you came to Georgetown, the dean’s office will review those courses to see if they can transfer. If you came to Georgetown as a transfer student, we will transfer credits as noted on your transfer credit evaluation once we receive a final, official transcript from your previous school.

If you took college courses while in high school, courses eligible for transfer must have been:

  1. taught on the college campus (not at the high school) by a member of the college faculty (not a high school instructor)
  2. open to college students, not a special course designed for high school students,
  3. a course which would be credited toward a degree at that college or university, and
  4. not credited by the high school toward fulfillment of any high school graduation requirements, including course count. If your college courses are listed on your high school transcript, we must receive a letter from your high school counselor or principal confirming that the courses meet the conditions above. If these conditions are met, we will transfer your credits once we receive an official college transcript.

How do I receive credit for studying abroad?

If you participate in a Georgetown study abroad program (in the summer or during the school year), the credits will automatically appear on your MyDegree audit. For any other study abroad programs during the school year (fall and/or spring semesters), you must apply through the Office of Global Education. For non-Georgetown summer study abroad programs, you must get approval from the dean’s office, using the non-Georgetown summer school form.

How do I receive credit for summer school?

If you enroll in Georgetown summer school, the credits will automatically appear on your MyDegree audit. You may also transfer up to four non-Georgetown summer school courses toward your Georgetown degree. Prior to enrolling in summer courses at another school, read and complete the non-Georgetown summer school form. Submit the completed form—along with print-outs indicating the course meeting dates and times and course description—to your dean’s office. Do not pay for summer school until you hear back from our office that your courses have been approved.

How do I receive credit for an internship?

The College does not award credit directly for participation in internships. However, we do award credit for courses that combine a student’s internship experience with intellectual reflection. The College offers a one-credit pass/fail course for College sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good standing for this purpose: IDST-315/IDST-3925 College Internship Experience. Students may take this course for credit more than once, but only one credit will count toward the Georgetown degree (the limit of one credit includes credit from MGMT-311/MGMT-2925, a similar course taught in the MSB). IDST-315/IDST-3925 may be taken in the fall or spring semester. A student who has a summer internship may enroll in IDST-315/IDST-3925 in the subsequent fall semester.

Students may also seek faculty sponsorship for intellectual reflection related to an internship in the form of a tutorial. Tutorials require faculty, department, and dean’s office approval and the credits vary based on the tutorial.

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