Planning for Study Abroad

It’s never too early to begin thinking about study abroad! About 50% of Georgetown students study abroad.

Although most students study abroad in their junior year (for a semester or the entire year), some find that summer study abroad is a better fit. Your dean is happy to discuss study abroad options with you and help you plan your first and second year curriculum to that you are prepared to study in your preferred location.

Some study abroad programs require that certain courses be completed before departure, and it’s always a good idea to have most of your core requirements complete prior to studying abroad so you have more freedom to take advantage of unique courses offered at foreign institutions.

If you aren’t sure where or when you’d like to study abroad, you can attend an Open House or Study Abroad 101 session in the Office of Global Education. Once you have a better sense of where in the world you’d like to study or the type of program that interests you (direct matriculation, area studies, language institute, etc) you can schedule a meeting with an advisor in the Office of Global Education to discuss application procedures and deadlines.

In general, applications are due early on in the semester prior to departure (i.e.: February of your sophomore year for study abroad in the fall of your junior year or October of your junior year for study abroad in the spring of your junior year). Summer applications are typically due in early December. The Office of Global Education has a suggested timeline on their website, which can be helpful in planning ahead. Visit the study abroad website at any time for FAQs, program information, and contact information for the study abroad advising staff!