Fulfill My Requirements

Each College student must complete 120 credits and 38 to 40 courses to complete the degree. To review your major or minor requirements, visit your department’s website.

The core requirements are usually fulfilled in your first and second years. In approaching the core requirements, it is helpful to remember that for almost all majors, the introductory courses for the major fulfill some part of the core requirements. This helps overcome the misimpression that these courses are somehow a separate process from evolving major or minor interests.

MyDegree Audit

Your MyDegree audit is the best tool for keeping track of your credits. In MyAccess, select the Student tab, then select MyDegree, where you will find an audit of your degree requirements. MyDegree shows overall credit and course requirements for graduation, core requirements, and (if your major is declared) major requirements.

If you have any questions about fulfilling your requirements, contact your dean.

Searching for Courses

The general education requirements section includes non-exhaustive lists of courses that fulfill the requirements. You can search for courses that fulfill specific requirements by visiting the Schedule of Classes and searching by attribute type.