College Academic Council

Comprising four elected representatives from each class in the College, the College Academic Council (CAC) fosters a positive ​working relationship between administration, students, and faculty in order to help students manage and enhance their academic lives. CAC interacts with College faculty and administration regarding a wide variety of issues, representing the students of Georgetown College, seeking their opinion on academic issues, and acting in their name. CAC has helped to develop stronger student-professor relations through their annual events — ​College Honors, Majors Fair, and Donuts with the Deans — in addition to various events hosted throughout the year.  In the past, CAC has enacted substantial change in the College, including advocating for the business minor for students in the College, which was approved in Spring 2010.

CAC is here to serve students in any academic capacity that they need. Please feel free to bring suggestions, questions, or comments to the attention of its members. Furthermore, CAC's weekly meetings are open to all students in the College. If you would like to sit in on a meeting, email for specific meeting times. To stay updated on all of CAC's events and current projects, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter @GUCAC. We also have an open suggestions form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

2017-2018 ELECTION

Voting for the 2017-2018 College Academic Council election is now open! Statements from all candidates are listed below (the Class of 2018 race has only four candidates for four seats, so no election is necessary). Vote here before the polls close at 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 2. Good luck to all our candidates!

Class of 2019

Brandon Spear: I’m an avid Netflix binge-watcher, Wingo’s regular, and hopefully your next academic councilman. I spend most of my time waiting on the wok line at Leo’s or getting rejected from SAE parties. Seriously, I want to be your voice this year; the bridge that connects the students to the College administration. I am the guy that will always say hi to you if we walk by each other. I have served on the Council the past two years, and I enjoy being a representative of the student body. I’m a people person that will try to get your opinions heard and your demands fulfilled. Vote for me and I promise I will serve you to the best of my abilities.

Caroline Provost: Hello! My qualifications for College Academic Council include a bubbly personality, cooperation in group projects, and a strong work ethic (as in the classic Georgetown multitasking-on- five-things- at-once, BUT I still get eight hours of sleep every night). I have developed strong critical thinking skills as I am a Philosophy major, and I am aware of the balance of student life between the desire to succeed but to also have fun. I will keep this balance in mind while serving on the Council. I have never participated in CAC before, thus I bring a fresh voice to the table. I’m interested in CAC because of my love of the pursuit of knowledge. I want undergraduates to interact with faculty in their own departments and others. These connections will build an interactive and intellectual community for my peers.

Jacqueline Crispino: It was my pleasure to represent my peers on the College Academic Council for two years in a row. This year, I served as Secretary, which I believe allowed me to contribute to the College Academic Council in new ways, such as through Donuts with Deans, in which I helped bring District Doughnuts to campus. I would look forward to having the ability to contribute to the academic community at Georgetown more next year through working with the new Dean, Dr. Celenza. I would be honored to be elected as your representative in the College Academic Council and serve the Class of 2019 once again. Hoya Saxa!

Luis Montoya: Vote for experience, skill, and leadership. Vote Luis Montoya for College Academic Council representative. I have been apart of student government for as long as I can remember and I believe I possess the skills necessary to be your representative.

Tyler Walsh: Hello, everyone! I am running for reelection for the College Academic Council, and I am asking you to let me serve you once again. Two years ago, I joined the Council because I knew how imperative it was to have a dialogue between students and administrators. At my high school, there was a lack of this dialogue, and I wanted to make a difference in this aspect at Georgetown. In a well-functioning school, it is of utmost importance for all members of the community to have a bond and to share a common goal. Over the past two years, I have attempted to make sure that all College students, regardless of major or background, have their voices heard. I have helped put on events such as the Majors Fair, a “Study Smarter” lecture, and Donuts with the Deans, and conducted facilitator interviews for the “Spirit of Georgetown” Seminar, so that students can be made aware of the opportunities that exist in the College, and to know how to effectively pursue them. I look forward to continuing to work on behalf of my classmates. Thank you, and remember to vote Tyler Walsh for CAC. Hoya Saxa!

Class of 2020

Alliyah Harold: As a representative of our class my ultimate goal is better communication between the students and the council. I am here to serve you and welcome any and all suggestions that will ultimately benefit the entire College. Often times students feel disenfranchised or excluded from decision making if they are not an official member of the council and that is certainly not how it should be. The College is an extremely large institution, housing the most students at the university with over 40 majors, which undeniably engenders extreme creativity. Every person in the College should have an input on shaping the school to reflect who they are and what they contribute. I hope you will stand with me during this election and bring a new voice to the Council to do just this.

Casey Doherty: My name is Casey Doherty, and I am running for the College Academic Council because I truly believe in everything Georgetown, the College, and YOU have to offer. I plan to continue working closely with both administrators (and the new dean!) and the student body to focus on improving the liberal arts curriculum and professional development that we offer here on the Hilltop. My skill set perfectly fits this position because I am ambitious, passionate, and communicative. We are all well-equipped to advocate for ourselves at Georgetown, and I hope to make this process even easier and more enjoyable for you! As always, Hoya Saxa!

Devika Kumar: I served on the College Academic Council this past year, and it was an integral part of my freshman experience. I attended meetings with Deans, organized events, and brainstormed new ways to make our college better. In my first year, I helped to create minors in religion and creative writing as well as organize a Study Abroad in the Sciences event, to show science students that studying abroad is possible. I believe in unconventional learning, in breaking barriers between distinct disciplines to personalize education. I have no clue what I want to do with my life, so I’m trying out a bunch of things with the hope that I’ll stumble across something revolutionary that will become my life passion. But so far, my passion has been people. As a member of CAC, I dedicate my job to stretching minds and challenging beliefs. I strive to create inter­religious discussions between the chaplains-­in­-residence and create more networking opportunities between faculty and students. I try to talk to as many of you as possible, learn your stories, and enrich your academic experience in any way I can. Serving on the council this past year has taught me a lot about the ins and outs of the college, and I would love nothing more than to continue to represent you all next year.

Dominic Solari: Hello Georgetown!!!! My name is Dominic, and I’m running for College Academic Council because I want to continue to represent YOUR academic interests in the College! I have had the honor of serving you as a freshman representative on C.A.C. this past year, which has given me valuable experience that I will carry forward to better serve you in the future. This past year, your council and I have been responsible for instituting many different changes to the College, such as expanding and improving Majors Fair, expanding Doughnuts with the Deans and changing our provider to District Doughnuts, laying the groundwork to improve our College Honors system’s equitability, and working to create a Disability Studies minor, an academic goal of which I am personally proud because of all the direct involvement with interested students. Next year, I want to do even more to expand academic resources offered to students, improve equal access for all, and help you connect even more with our deans. I hope that my experience and passion for Georgetown will enable me to effectively serve as your academic representative as we embark upon our second year at Georgetown! Thank you. Hoya Saxa!

Trevor O’Connor: Hey Georgetown! My name is Trevor O’Connor and I’ve had the privilege of serving on the College Academic Council this past year! I want to continue to help make the College a more inclusive and welcoming academic environment. As a member of the Academic Council, I helped spearhead an “Alumni Panel” and helped organize multiple “Donuts with the Deans” to facilitate interactions between you and our awesome Deans – (plus free District Donuts never hurt!). Also, our team has facilitated a “Majors Fair” to help you discover which major is best for you in addition to many other events and activities. I want to continue to push for further expansion of academic resources on campus, especially for students of lower socioeconomic backgrounds because academic resources are critical for all of us to succeed. I have experience working with teachers and administration to help create change on campus and I want to continue that work at Georgetown. I want to be as approachable and open as possible, so please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or concerns you have. I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent you thus far, and I hope to continue to do so next year. Thank y’all so much!

Committee Positions

Every year the College Academic Council also seeks students to fill positions on the College Undergraduate Admissions Committees, the College Executive Committee, and the College Curriculum Committee.

Seven students appointed to the College Undergraduate Admissions Committees, which includes administrators, professors, admissions officers, and students, will be asked to read and evaluate applications to Georgetown College, helping to shape the student body of the College.

One student appointed to the College Executive Committee, which includes faculty, deans, and students, will be invited to monthly meetings to discuss and provide input on issues pertaining to the College, including academic policy, curriculum development, and the honor system.

One student appointed to the College Curriculum Committee, which includes faculty, deans, and students, will be invited to meetings as needed to discuss and provide input on curriculum issues pertaining to the College, including academic policy, curriculum development, core requirements, and the establishment of new majors and minors.

Student input is highly valued on all three of these committees, so please consider applying. If you have any questions, email the College Academic Council at

Casey Nolan (C’17 - President)

Casey Nolan is a senior in the College double majoring in government and history and minoring in English. She hails from The Woodlands, Texas, a suburb north of Houston, and is thrilled to begin her fourth year on the College Academic Council. Besides her work with the Council, Casey serves as President of Hoya Helpers, a tutoring group, Deputy Chief of Staff of GUSA, Vice President of Animalia, and Director of Events of the Pre-Law Society. After graduation, she plans to earn her master’s degree in American Government at Georgetown, and then go on to law school. 



Connor Maytnier is a senior in the College majoring in government and sociology, with a minor in psychology. He is originally from Barrington, IL, a northwest suburb of Chicago. Outside of the Council, Connor is in his third year as a Resident Assistant (RA) on campus. Formerly the Chair of the Student Activities Commission, Connor currently serves as Co-Chair of the 2017 National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference - which will be hosted at Georgetown, for the first time in the 21 year history of the conference, next July. In his free time, Connor spends a little too much time on Twitter.

John ReillyJohn Reilly (C’17)

John is a senior from Albany, New York studying Government and Economics. This is his third year with the Council. On campus, he is involved with the After School Kids (ASK) Program in the Center for Social Justice and has served as a New Student Orientation Advisor and academic Peer Advisor. In his free time, John enjoys running and ran his first marathon this year. He is very excited for senior year and looks forward to getting to work with the Council again.


Taylor Tobin (C’17)

Taylor Tobin is a senior from San Francisco, double majoring in government and history. She has been serving on the CAC since her junior year and will be reading transfer applications for admissions in the spring. In addition, Taylor is the CEO of Students of Georgetown Inc., commonly known as "The Corp." The Corp is the largest student-run business in the United States with six storefronts on-campus. After she graduates, she hopes to work in product management at a technology company.


Alan Chen (C’18)

Alan Chen is a junior from Hillsborough, New Jersey, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Philosophy and Computer Science. In addition to serving on the College Academic Council, Alan is involved with New Student Orientation and also works as an intern with the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union. He is very excited to serve on the council and represent his fellow students in the College.



Kennedy Maker

Kennedy Maker (C’18 - Treasurer)

Kennedy Maker is a junior from Mankato, Minnesota, majoring in Economics with a minor in Philosophy. In addition to his involvement as Treasurer of the College Academic Council, Kennedy is a Blue & Gray campus tour guide and a vice president of the McDonough Alliance. Outside of his coursework and extracurricular activities, he is a huge basketball fan and an avid runner. Kennedy is excited for the opportunity to represent his class of 2018 classmates and better academic life on the Hilltop.


Brendan Saunders Brendan Saunders (C’18 - VICE PRESIDENT)

Brendan Saunders is a junior from Ramsey, New Jersey majoring in economics and minoring in government and French. In addition to serving as the Vice President for the College Academic Council, Brendan is a math tutor with Hoya Helpers, the director of communications for the Georgetown University Undergraduate Law Review, and the chair of GUSA's Academic Affairs team. Brendan looks forward to another great year with CAC working to promote student interests in academic affairs.


Lauren Smith Lauren Smith (C’18)

Lauren Smith is a sophomore from Conyers, Georgia, double majoring in government and sociology, with a minor in justice and peace studies. Lauren serves with the After School Kids Program, the Student Advocacy Office, and as Vice-President of the Black Student Alliance. Upon graduation, Lauren hopes to attend law school and become a vocal champion for others. Until then, she is eager to continue representing her fellow Hoyas in everything dealing with academic affairs.

Jacqueline Crispino (C’19 - SECRETARY)

Jacqueline Crispino is a sophomore from Connecticut, majoring in classics and history. In addition to the College Academic Council, Jacqueline is a tutor for Hoya Helpers, a Peer Advisor for first-year students in the College, and a member of the GUSA Academic Affairs Team. She plans to attend law school upon graduation. Jacqueline is excited to represent her fellow students again and be the voice for their concerns in academic affairs.


Brandon Spear (C’19)

Brandon Spear is a sophomore from Westchester, New York, currently focusing his studies on mathematics on the pre-med track. In addition to serving on the College Academic Council, Brandon is a member of the Pre-med Society and UNICEF, and he looks forward to representing his classmates and better academic life at Georgetown.



Tyler Walsh (C’19)

Tyler Walsh is a sophomore from Scituate, Massachusetts. He is undecided in his studies, but has interests in economics, sociology, government, and history. In addition to serving as a representative on the College Academic Council, Tyler writes for The Voice’s “Halftime” section and plays on the Club Baseball team. Tyler is a big Boston sports fan and enjoys traveling, reading, and politics.



Luis Montoya is a Sophomore from Whitney, Texas, pursuing a biology major while on the pre-med track. In addition to his involvement in the College Academic Council, Luis is a proud member of the Latin American student association, the pre-med society and is also involved with operation smile. Outside of his coursework and extracurricular activities, he is a huge foodie and is excited for the opportunity to represent his classmates and better academic life at Georgetown.





Casey Doherty is a freshman from Charlton, New York, planning to study government. In addition to the College Academic Council, Casey serves as Undersecretary of Congressional Relations for GUSA's Federal and DC Relations Committee, is a tutor for DC Reads, a member of GOLD, and interns for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. Casey's two major passions in life are politics and The Bachelor.




Devika Kumar is a freshman from Branchburg, New Jersey, most likely majoring in neurobiology and economics and minoring in cognitive science.  In addition to Academic Council, Devika is a member of the Client Recruitment department of the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative (HMFI), a Compass Fellow, and a tutor for GUMSHOE. Outside of academics and extracurricular activities, she is passionate about community service and is very excited to serve on the council and represent her fellow Hoyas.



Dominic Solari is a freshman from Stockton, California, pursuing a major in political economy with a minor in history. In addition to serving on the College Academic Council, Dominic is a member of the Mock Trial team, the Pre-Law society, and the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service Special Operations Team. He is thrilled to join the council this year and represent his fellow freshman as they embark upon their Georgetown experience.



Trevor O’Connor is a freshman from Longview, Texas planning to major in government with a minor in African American studies. Trevor is involved with the Georgetown Campus Democrats, the Roosevelt Institute, the International Relations Club, and the Emerging Leaders Program. After Georgetown, he hopes to attend law school and work with antidiscrimination public policy to help protect the rights of others. Trevor is looking forward to serving the College as a member of the academic council and listening to the concerns of his fellow students.


Dean's Office Advisor

Erin Force

Erin Force advises first year and sophomore students in the College. In addition to advising the College Academic Council and serving as their main liaison to the College's administration, she directs the Ignatius Seminar program, leads the College's outreach to newly admitted students, co-leads the College's New Student Orientation activities, manages the College's internal transfer process, and serves on several campus committees. If she's being honest, though, working with the CAC is one of her very favorite things to do. Erin earned her B.A. in English with a minor in Women's Studies at Miami University of Ohio and her M.Ed. at George Washington University. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband, 2-year-old son, and a lovable mutt.