Degree Translation

The following text is the translation of your diploma from Latin to English.

The President and Faculty of Georgetown University

To all who shall see this diploma
Greetings in the Lord

Since it is proper for those who have distinguished themselves by their talent and learning to be honored with some token of this distinction that is both merited and by which their learning may be acknowledged,

We, who have been empowered to this task by the highest authority of this Republic, make known to all to whose attention this diploma may come that our beloved [name] has been recommended by the faculty of the College and approved in the presence of our faculties formally assembled and promoted to the degree [Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science] and has been accorded all and each of the rights and privileges which this degree confers. So that this may be clear to all, we have presented this diploma, signed by us and guaranteed by the seal of our university.

John J. DeGioia

William J. Doyle
Chair, Board of Directors

Rosario Ceballo

Marie A. Mattson
Secretary of the University