Guide to Preregistration


Image of computer screen showing preregistration system


Welcome! The Guide to Preregistration is designed to acquaint new Georgetown College students with core requirements, important details about preregistration, and key facts to keep in mind when creating a semester schedule. 

Consult each of the following resources as you begin to assemble your spring schedule:

  • Our Guide to Preregistration, which contains (1) detailed information on core requirements, (2) special information for pre-med students, (3) quick reference charts for AP and IB credit, and (4) instructions on building your class schedule.
  • A set of video tutorials designed to walk you through the mechanics of preregistration.
  • Language placement guidelines for students seeking to (1) determine appropriate placement for the purposes of course enrollment, (2) place out of the language requirement in a language they have studied previously, and/or (3) confirm AP, IB, or other credit in a foreign language. 
  • Full AP and IB credit policies.
  • Guidelines on calculus readiness, with a link to the math department’s calculus readiness test.
  • A preregistration checklist as well as a list of frequently asked questions

Questions? You can find contact information for your advisor on the Find Your Dean page here on our website.

Hoya Saxa!

First-year and transfer students who have questions should contact the Office of the Dean located in room 303 of the Intercultural Center at 202-687-6045.